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Slide services, slide exposures

We produce slides of your presentation for advertising, seminars, lectures and conventions
to your wishes and presentations.
The preparation of data for slide exposure is simple:

  • Prepare your presentations or pictures on your PC.
  • You may pay attention to sufficing margin distance so that no information will be lost
  • Powerpoint ®: Selecting side facilities 35 mm slide
  • for scanned pictures: Dissolving 1713 x1130 at 296 dpi (format JPG, TIF)
  • Pack the file with WinZip ® or another tool.
  • You send the packed file by means of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as Attachment.
  • Please, make a note if you have special wishes in the mail

A few days later, you will get the desired slides framed or not by mail.
Normaly, the dispatch is carried out
by cash on delivery


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Ways to the perfect slide


Our working device

Polaroid HR 6000

The HR 6000 printer, produced by Polaroid ™, has a 3.5 " Cathode ray tube with high dissolving, an enterprise specific 36.6 mm F/4.9 6 elements existing objective and proprietary plastic filters poured.
The dynamic focusing and a 33 bit color printing process with 16.7 m. Colors make Dias in the vivid color and the even one
sharpen, which is required in big rooms for detail rich presentations. You can find further product information on

Slide preparation

Slide services, slide exposures
Steuerwald, Slide exposure, slide processing, slide construction, exposure, side construction, slide, support, Hammelburg, Webdesign, Wülfershausen

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D-97618 Wülfershausen

+49 9762 / 586
+49 174 / 462 6643

Our partners

The Carl von Hess Foundation situated in Hammelburg operates several retirement homes in Bad Kissingen district

These include the Retirement home Waldenfels and Dr. Maria Probst Home

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German language files for the  JCE-Editor and for the Gavick-Weathermodul you can find at

Here you can also find detailed descriptions about our published Websites.

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